Program (UG Program) Year of starting Course duration (Years) Intake
Civil Engineering 2013 4 60



The Department of Civil Engineering efforts will be dedicated to formulate and implement high quality education in civil engineering, to promote innovative and original thoughts in the minds of civil engineers to face the future challenges, technology, research and consultancy with global linkages.

  1. Draft specification: Select material, prepare estimates/costing, schedule work plans.
  2. Experimentation: Apply knowledge of different fields of Civil Engineering, conduct experiments, analyze, interpret data, and design the system components.
  3. Project inception and design: Conceptualize projects related to different fields of Civil Engineering, collect relevant data by direct and indirect methods, analyze the project requirement and design the project.
  4. Research Projects: our students are performing global standard research projects in our campus and train them to participate to present the paper in outside world.


To impart technical knowledge and skills to furnace highly qualified engineers for the country.


•To develop and transfer innovative applications of engineering, science and technology to improve civil engineering practice.
•To develop Industry-Interaction for skill development and innovation.
•To maintain an intellectually challenging and collaborative environment.”