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Head of the Department

          The Department is headed by Associate Professor Leelambeshwar Singh. Rajput M.B.A Ph. D has earned M. Com in Commerce from theUniversity of Sri Venkateshwara, Tirupathi. M. A in Economics from the University of Sri Krishna Devaraya University, Anantapur, M.B.A in Finance from the University of Madurai, Madurai, T.N. Ph. D in management and Ph. D in Commerce.

      Prior to this, he has worked as the H.O.D and a Senior Professor in the area of Financial Management and Marketing at Vignana Sudha Institute of Management & Technology, Chittoor, A.P. He has also served as the Convenor for National Conference on Emerging Trends in Business for sustainable competitive Advantage: Challenges, Innovations & Strategies 19th February 2016.

      Prof. Singh has more than 5 years of post Ph. D research & 19 yrs teaching experience. He also has a vast and varied experience in training, administration and consultancy.

    Prof. Singh has delivered various lectures, presentations and keynote addresses at premier universities, institutes and business schools around the world(through skype) which include, Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies, Pune. Business School, University of Gunadharma(Indonesia) to name a few. 


                               PG Coordinator
                            Assistant Professor
                            UG Coordinator
                         Assistant Professor
                       Student Welfare Officer
                            Assistant Professor
                          Sports Coordinator
                           Assistant Professor
                             Event Coordinator
                            Assistant Professor
                        Placement Coordinator
                            Assistant Professor

Staff Details

S.No. Name of the Staff Designation Qualification
1 Dr. R LILAMBESWARA SINGH      Associate Professor & HOD   M. Com, M. A, M.B.A, Ph. D
2 Mr. ANEEL AMRUTHA RAJU .S Assistant Professor M.B.A
3 Mr. SHAILAJA .B Assistant Professor M.B.A
4 Mr. RAMSHESH C Assistant Professor M.B.A
5 Mr. RAMANJANEYULU K Assistant Professor M.B.A
6 Mr. SUDHAKAR GOUD. J Assistant Professor M.B.A
7 Mr. SALEEM BASHA. U Assistant Professor M.B.A
8 Mr. THOUSEEF AHMED. G Assistant Professor M.B.A
9 Mr. RAMALINGA REDDY G K Assistant Professor M.B.A
10 Ms. FATHIMA BI S Assistant Professor M.B.A
11 Mr. RANGANATH M Assistant Professor M.B.A
12 Mr. KAUSHIK G Assistant Professor M.B.A
13 Mr. LAKSHMI NARAYANA K Assistant Professor M.B.A
14 Ms. GEETHA S Assistant Professor M.B.A
15 Mr. MANSOOR S Assistant Professor M.B.A
16 Mr. B SUBRAMANYAM Assistant Professor M.B.A
Latest News
   Management Seats available
Electronics & Communication Engineering-36
Electrical & Electronics Engineering -18
Computer Science Engineering -18
Mechanical Engineering -36
Civil Engineering -18
Master of Business Administration -36
for details contact : +91-9394228566



Recent Events


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International Womens Day 2017

National Conference 2017

College has conducted National Conferences on Various Technologies

Sports Meet

College has conducted Sports meet


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