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Head of the Department



          The EEE department at SJCET aims to mould and refine the students as good professionals to face this challenging world. At present the department has 10 faculty members headed by Associate Professor Dr. K. CHITHAMBARAIAH SETTY B. Tech, M. Tech Ph. D.  who has awarded Ph.D Degree from Annamalai University, completed his Master of Technology in PEED from St. Johns College of Engineering & Technology. He was awarded with Bachelors Degree by JNTUA, Ananatapur. Among the ten, three are Associate professors and seven are Assistant Professors. All the faculties are post graduates.

He had a total teaching experience of 15 years and also was ratified by JNTU, Hyderabad. He was Wipro trained faculty under Mission 10X. He attended various Training Programmes, Seminars, Conferences and Workshops. He also presented Technical papers in International, National and State Level Institutions. He published a total of 15 research papers in Various International Journals and National Journals.

     Mr. E RAMA KRISHNA KRISHNA has guided nearly 15 M.Tech Projects during his career. He is having a wide exposure both in research, academic, and delivering valuable professional teaching to the students for their all-round developments,



                               PG Coordinator
                            Assistant Professor
                            UG Coordinator
                         Assistant Professor
                       Student Welfare Officer
                            Assistant Professor
                          Sports Coordinator
                          Mr. P Pedda Reddy
                          Assistant Professor
                             Event Coordinator
                            Assistant Professor
                        Placement Coordinator
                                   Mr. B Gururaj
                               Assistant Professor


Staff Details

S.No. Name of the Staff Designation Qualification
1 Mr. RAMAKRISHNA E Associate Professor & HOD M.Tech.
2 Mr. THIRUMALAIAH S Assistant Professor M.Tech.
3 Mr. GURURAJ B Assistant Professor M.Tech.
4 Mr. SHAMSHUL HAQ S Assistant Professor M.Tech.
5 Mr. PEDDA REDDY P Assistant Professor M.Tech.
6 Ms. REHANA BEGUM S Assistant Professor M.Tech.
7 Mr. SUNKANNA M Assistant Professor M.Tech.
8 Mr. HARI PRASAD K Assistant Professor M.Tech.
9 Mr. NAGARAJ A Assistant Professor M.Tech.
10 Ms. SWATHI B Assistant Professor M.Tech.
11 Mr. ARUN KUMAR D R Assistant Professor M.Tech.
12 Mr. RASOOL SMD Assistant Professor M.Tech.
13 Mr. NARASIMHA MURTHY V Assistant Professor M.Tech.
14 Ms. TEJASWINI C Assistant Professor M.Tech.
15 Mr. VENKATA RAMANA N Assistant Professor M.Tech.
16 Ms. MANASA J Assistant Professor M.Tech.
17 Mr. P RAVI KUMAR Assistant Professor M.Tech.
18 Mr. SAI KIRAN P Assistant Professor M.Tech.
19 Mr. RAVI KUMAR J V Assistant Professor M.Tech.
20 Ms. RAMYA TEJASWI B Assistant Professor M.Tech.
21 Mr. SUBHAN BAIG G Assistant Professor M.Tech.

M. Tech Staff Details
S.No. Specialization Name of the Staff Designation Qualification
1 PE Dr. K. CHITHAMBARAIAH SETTY Associate Professor
M. Tech., Ph. D
2 Mr. E. RAMAKRISHNA Associate Professor M.Tech. (Ph. D)
3         Mr. S. SHAMSHUL HAQ Associate Professor M.Tech. (Ph. D)
Latest News
   Management Seats available
Electronics & Communication Engineering-36
Electrical & Electronics Engineering -18
Computer Science Engineering -18
Mechanical Engineering -36
Civil Engineering -18
Master of Business Administration -36
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